Godzilla in Japan! And Minilla! With Mechagodzilla!

I went to Japan over the Christmas break and my Zumba teacher asked me when I was there to get his kid a Godzilla. Well, I sort of ended up with three. And took pics all over the place with them. And here they come!

*Cue forboding Godzilla music*

I bought this big galoot in a Mandarake in Akihabara. Only $20! For his size and shape that seemed super cheap!

Here he is by the gigantic incense burner in Asakusa. Yer supposed to breathe it in for health, but it looks like smoldering ruins next to the BIG G here.

These temples are super old and beautiful. And when Godzilla is shot in  silhouette, it looks almost real.


Even though from head to tail he was nearly two feet, he traveled well and could fit into all kinds of places.

I was gonna give him to my Zumba teacher’s kid, but I kinda got attached to him. I’ll get to that later.  I also went shopping for Minilla, Godzilla’s hilarious son! This guy was out of my price range. Man, he’s beautiful! But $280!!!

So I settled on this $50 cutie from Godzilla Final Wars. The strangely tall California Raisin was only $5!

I really fell in love with this Minilla. For one thing, he fit in my front jacket pocket perfectly. I also fell for this super cute owl, which was the mascot of a tiny brewery. Together, they’re really special!

In the Son of Godzilla movie, Minilla spends about half the film this way on the count of he’s clumsy and keeps getting his ass kicked.

Here he is with Hachi, the famous dog statue in Shibuya. Hachi was a super stupid dog that couldn’t figure out his master was dead, so kept going to meet him everyday. Even though he was dead.

There’s a big old fish tank with a big old eel in it in Shinjuku. He looks really natural with Godzilla. They could be friends.

The scale matched up pretty good, even though they’re totally not a set. Just luck!

There are times in my life where I want kids. This is one of them.

Admiring himself in a mural on a wall in Don Quijote.

We went to a bar and befriended a bartender and he gave them both necklaces! Moet necklaces, which is a fancy champagne. They fit perfectly! He must get a lot of people with Godzilla toys coming in.

One thing about Godzilla, he makes friends everywhere he goes.

Now this Godzilla to Minilla scale is totally off!

This is by the Asahi Super Beer Building. The gold cloud on top looks like Godzilla’s fire if you match ’em up right.

And this was from way up in the Sky Tree, a giant tourist thing like the Space Needle. It almost looks like it’s just a huge Godzilla looking way down on the city below.

One thing I’m “famous” for is taking pictures of my toys with beer. I like that he can see his reflection in it. I wish I had a beer this big!

Now it’s Dad’s turn.

Minilla’s young, so he’s very curious about the opposite sex.

Now it’s Dad’s turn.

These weird beans kind of looked like a big bowl of Minilla Chow. Yum…Minilla Chow.

Actually, I spent about half the trip feeding things to my Minilla doll. My friends are very patient.

This might be the best pic I took on the whole trip. The lighting and everything just worked out so perfect. No filters, no nothin’ on this. Just luck and a steady(ish) hand.

Another epic pic! Godzilla gettin’ in the sake!

They were really fun to stack on things.

It was Christmas in Japan, so there were lots of pretty lights photo ops.

The next day we went to Hakone. Which involved a very long and super windy bus ride.


We took a boat across a lake. Godzilla loves the water! He spends a lot of time in the water in his movies.

Another one of the best shots of the trip. So patriotic!

Later that night, when I was super drunk.

And the trip was coming to a close. One more stop at the Meiji Shrine.


I originally bought the other Godzilla for my Zumba teacher’s kid, but I got attached to it along the way. I took it everywhere and it kinda became my buddy. So I bought a Mechagodzilla on the last night for the kid.

You know who looks good with a Mechagodzilla? The Colonel!

Mechagodzilla took a moment to say goodbye to his girl.

It almost looks like they’re both waiting for a train.

And that’s nearly it. BTW, if you want to gain weight, eat one of these every night. They’re soooo goooooodddd!!!!

Minilla, sadly waves goodbye to his home country. He will probably never go back. Goodbye, Japan. Goodbye!

Happy Christmas!

I know it’s after Christmas, but technically, Christmas goes all the way to New Years. It all falls under the “Holiday Season” umbrella. So, it’s still Christmas for one more day!

Here’s all the Christmassy stuff I did worth blargging about.

I went to the Dickens’ Christmas Fair for the first time!

It was conveniently located next to the gun show. When I walked by, I flexed my muscles and said, “Did somebody say ‘gun show’?” The front lady didn’t laugh, cuz she’d heard that joke 100 times that day. I still think it’s funny and if I went to a comedy court, I think the judge would rule in my favor.

This was one of the first guys I saw inside. He had humorously created a “pimp” Dickens’ era costume. It was well made.

The Dickens’ Fair is like an big Larping convention for middle-aged people. It’s not just anime fans and fantasy nerds that enjoy dressing up in funny costumes and pretending they’re someone else, there are many different outlets for this urge, including the Dickens’ Fair. This lady was really in character as a poor junk lady. She had a story for every item in her cart. And she made a hilarious face when I asked if I could take her picture.

I didn’t have no Dickens’ stuff, so I went as “The Ghost of Christmas Future (from the year 3000). A guy asked me if I was the Knight Before Christmas, so I changed my name to that.

These were my band of merry revelers. We did not exactly fit in with the fair, I hate to say.  I think we were making frowny Scrooge faces here. I think.

I’ve been to a zillion anime and comic book conventions and I was absolutely struck by how similar the vibe of the Dickens’ fair is. Everybody’s in intricate costumes, lots of people are in character and the there’s a “haha, we know we’re being goofy” energy in the air. Although, Dickens’ Fair people are a bit nerdier than anime or comic book fans.

There was a ton of ye olde stuff to buy at the fair. Including this “Yule Ball” soappe. YULE BALL. (it’s a sex joke)

They had lots of period food to including Haggis! I finally got drunk enough to eat Haggis! It tasted like cat food.


There were a lot of drunk people there, but for some reason guys dressed like chimney sweeps were the real drunkos! This dirty and jolly fellow couldn’t quite hold still for a picture. Happy Christmas! (they didn’t say “Merry” Christmas in Dickens’ era, as we were told numerous times)

And that was the Dickens’ Fair!

Next, I went to my work’s Christmas Party as a “Party Wizard.”

It was a fun outfit in the daylight, but when the lights were low it really came to life!

And when you see it in motion, the Party Wizard is at his full power level!

The staff of light was a cheap toy I bought during a street fair.

I spent half the night eating the wig and I eventually lost it leading to this super drunk bathroom selfie.

That’s one of the last things I remember. Then I woke up on my bathroom floor with my tights on. Happy Christmas!

Every year, my work has a Christmas Cookie baking thing. I entered a few years ago with “Yellow Snowmen,” snowman cookies that looked like they had pee on them. The next year, I made “Brown Surprises” which were brownies that looked like human turds. This year, it was “Baked Santas.” They took forever, but turned out okay.

Then I went to Japan for Christmas! 

Japanese Santas, or as I call them “Jantas” are not quite on the level of their Western counterparts. It’s understandable, Christmas is relatively new to Japan.

I’m not sure if the eyebrows on this costume help, or hurt.

This is a broken mannequin in Shinjuku. It’s the perfect representation of Shinjuku, a red light district full of strippers and prosties–it’s a phony, broken woman. I made an art!

A famous landmark in Akihabara is the Colonel Sanders statue outside the KFC. These statues are often outside KFCs because people don’t vandalize everything like in the States.

Merry Christmas!

Hairy Christmas!

Japan doesn’t quite get Christmas, but that doesn’t stop them from coming up with kooky costumes. In fact, nothing can stop them from coming up with kooky costumes!

I tried it on. It did not look as sexy on me.

I think this is power rangers villain reindeer.

Christmas tree version!

I got into the spirit and wore a Santa hat and funny glasses and ran around Tokyo making friends.

I bought a Minilla figure and ran around taking photos of it all over the city. That will be a future blarg update! He’s really cute!

One of the most magical Christmas moments of the trip was seeing Jingle All the Way on TV in a Don Quijote! I love this movie, it’s one of my Christmas favorites. It’s a completely bonkers movie. And Don Quijote is a bonkers Japanese store that’s like Walgreens on crack. I’ve blogged about it several times. Here, here, and here.

I also bought a Godzilla while I was in Tokyo! And I ran around taking pictures of that. I’ll post those at a future date, too! Godzilla and Minilla look super cute together! The Holidays are all about friends and family, after all!

It’s easy to make friends in Shinjuku when you’re drunk on Christmas night. Especially with sing holders, they’re really bored!

Happy Christmas, y’all! Hope your Holidays are bright and fun!




Camping with Blanka!

I went camping! And I took my giant Street Fighter Blanka action figure. I thought his monstrous looks would make sense out in the woods. It exceeded my expectations. He may be the most photogenic toy I’ve worked with. Here’s the pics!

Blanka doesn’t really need a giant knife, but he can hold one if need be.

Look at this happy camper!

I was trying to pose him in a way that made it seem like he was a wild animal and this was his natural surroundings. This is probably as close as I could get. He’s actually from the South American jungles, so he would blend in way better there.

If you’re wondering, yes, his pants are always undone. It’s a cool Blanka thing, you probably wouldn’t understand.

Blanka’s a little wild as he’s demonstrating here with his erotic pole dancing.

He also looks great with cars, specifically orange Elements. If you have an orange Element, you must get a Blanka doll.

Shot from behind. Not everyone knows, but Blanka has a tramp stamp! I love the way the sun is catching his hair, here. If you look closely, you can see a gaffe–the photographer’s reflection is in the mirror!

Later that day, it was time to hit the beach!

It was literally 106 degrees that day, so the water calmed his beastly spirit.


His hair always looks amazing, but especially after it’s gotten wet.

Then a little “drinkie-poo.”

Being buried in the sand is something all Street Fighters enjoy.

As well as relaxing on a floaty.

You know what makes ya hungry? Swimmin!

Time to get dolled up…

And head to the BIG LUAU!

You might be surprised to learn, but Blanka is really good with kids!

He’s also a great lookout, due to his jungle tree climbing skills.

One thing he’s not good at is controlling his alcoholism. He has a drinking problem. Here’s his friend Russell “The Man Muscle” enabling him.

It’s not easy being a monster due to scientific experimentation by a shadowy overlord. It does things to a fella…

People, and monsters, with emotional problems, often turn to food and liquor…

Then the night comes and….LOOK OUT!







Then the next day, you wake up and act like nothing weird happened.

And that’s “Camping With Blanka.”




Harpy Halloween!

As a gruesome guy with an insatiable thirst for horror movies, it’s no surprise Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the only time of year regular folk get interested in the stuff I love all all the time. I took a trip to Detroit and saw a buncha cool Halloween shit, so here it is!

This is at my friend’s house. It’s not for Halloween, these skulls are in the tree’s roots all year round. How cool is that!

She also has these scary crying black tears satanic looking rabbits in the back yard.

This was on the fridge to welcome me when I visited. It was so sweet, I almost cried.

This was a liquor store by my friend’s house. I call it the “Halloweenmobile.”

This was an incredible Halloween display on some lady’s lawn. It’s one of the most impressive works of Halloween art I’ve ever seen.

The twins were my favorite. Sexy

There was so much detail and crazy shit everywhere, it’s hard to capture all of it.

She must have spent a lot of time in thrift stores!

It really came to life a night, though.

I think this demonic baby may have been born out of wedlock.

Just the money on bridal dresses would be a ton. These are cool dresses, too!

A whole yard of gruesome undead brides.

The lady was really nice, too. We talked to her for awhile about her love of Halloween.

These were the pumpkins we cared. Mine’s the sad one on the right.

I like the way this picture came out all jacked up looking. Reminds me of the stuff you’d occasionally get with real film.

This was from a town called “Northville,” I think. It’s a real regular looking American town until Halloween, when they have the “Skeletons Are Alive” display where businesses put up wacky skeletons all over town. It’s amazing!

Robbing a bank!

I’d definitely watch more hockey if skeletons were playing it.

Playing Twister!

I love the way his bony hand is wrapped around the guitar!

This wasn’t a skeleton, but I was moved by how much it looked like this mannequin was creaming in her jeans.

Speaking of creaming her jeans, look at the angle of this pervy skeleton photographer. Think he was getting a “boner” from this?

There’s something extra creepy about a Wonder Woman skeleton.

Batman skeleton seems normal.

I think she’s supposed to be excited by being proposed to, but it looks like she’s horrified. Cool move proposing with sunglasses on, I’d probably do that.

Not sure what the theme her is, but the display is rad.

Especially the gross stuff on the table.

This selfie one was genius. People have literally died taking selfies. Not smart people, but people just the same.

Somebody bought an entire horse skeleton! Didn’t even know they had those.

Real life cheerleaders don’t do a damn thing for me, but skeleton cheerleaders, that’s hot.

This rioting sledgehammer skeleton was about to break some shit up!

Getting her hairs done by a giant bony spider! For the record, spiders do not have bones, they have an exoskeleton. Could be a demonic spider though, they may have bones.

Skeleton dog walker! Does he give the dogs a bone? Do bony dogs like bones? So many questions!

This was in a random window. I LOVE the look on his face, it’s hilarious to me for some reason.

This skull jumped out at me too. Not literally, although that would have been really cool. His giant eyes are what getcha.

Exercise and losing weight is good, but too much and you’ll end up like this!

I like it when the skeletons are things people actually die from doing.

The creepiest ones are the ones of people doing normal stuff.

These aren’t skeletons, there just a bunch of evil cats, but they look cool.

This guy’s caught a bone fish!

Karate guy!

Mama Mia!

This one is cool, because Audrey Hepburn probably is a skeleton by now.

This was at a church, still not sure of the concept. She’s a jumper? They’re trying to talk her down? What’s the dog for?

That’s all the cool ones from Northville’s Skeletons Are Alive. If you’re ever in Northville near Halloween, go check it out, it’s hilarious!

This is a crappy drawing I did of Vincent Price.

Here’s my buddy, Pretty Sammy. We like to get drunk and goof in the Walgreen’s Halloween section.

This was a spooky cage I found on the street. I wonder what was in there?!

I love Pumpkinhead. I even have a shirt! And I decided to draw it on a pumpkin while wearing pumpkin glasses. Try and out-Halloween this picture, suckas!

This is from a weed clinic by where I work. Dress up in a costume and get some free weed! How California is that?!

This is from a movie I’m developing with Spielberg. It’s called “Ghost Potato.” It’s about a ghost potato.

This is a pic with my roommate and the famous ghost potato from the hit movie, “Ghost Potato.”

Happy Halloween, y’all!






New York Comic Con 2017

I went to New York Comic Con, got super drunk and took a bunch of pictures. Shocker! Here they are!

There’s just something magical about a little baby zombie with blood on his face sucking on a knife. Adorable!

She was really fun. I called her, “Spider Ma’am”

This guy’s got the spirit! He was totally blind and in a wheelchair, but having a blast!

Cone heads! And Picard, who is kind of a cone head.

Simple, but very clever idea!

My costume this year was the “Green Horny.” One thing NYCC has over SDCC is they serve beer in the con! It’s amazing! Usually, I’m the drunkest guy on the floor, but not this year!

There’s something magical about little kid slasher movie cosplay. It warms my heart!

I don’t know what a Congo Reading entails, but it looks painful!

This was a really cool old beer promo for a beer that no long exists. I kinda looked like a dirty old fish tank.

This was at the Continental Bar in New York. You can get five shots for $10! But the guy who owns it doesn’t fuck around as this sign demonstrates.

Drinking at comic book conventions is a lot like this.

I don’t know who the fudge this guy is, but he looks hilarious! He almost became my con buddy, but another one stole my heart.

The cut off hands were a nice touch!

Vampirella cosplay! You don’t see this often, for obvious reasons.

Rammmmmboooooooooo!!!!!! The world needs more Rambo cosplayers than ever these days. Glad someone answered the call.

Swamp Thing car! Where the fuck does he have to drive to?

Someday, I’m gonna find one of these Dune Spice Scout cars and buy it. Then I’ll be a very happy little boy. Imagine picking your date up in one of these!

Perfect Trick or Treat cosplay. Pro level.

Garfield made a comeback! I’m so happy to see all the crazy Garfield stuff out there.

Super beardy smurfette!

This was the con buddy I did end up getting! I couldn’t resist his weird little arms. The guys make fun of his arms, but the girls don’t.

Beautiful Skeletor and Evelyn!

I’m a Lobo fan for some reason and this is a really good one. Con buddy looks really happy!

If you haven’t gotten drunk and partied with Rainbow Bright, you haven’t lived!

I’ve dreamed of going as Ogre to a comic book convention and running around screaming “NERDS!!!” but this guy actually did it.

Remember when Kirk ran around speaking into an acorn?

Superman from the 50s TV show! Genius!

Literally the best Conan I have ever seen in my life. Guyliner and all!

Traditionally, I make my con buddy pose with beer and it’s a big funny. But his sad little snake arms wouldn’t hold on to the glass!

He had no problem with the giant sausage, tho.

Haha, he was pretty drunk at this point.

Then he fucked a pumpkin with his weird little arm! I’ve done that!

Then we stumbled into the legendary Sardies! It’s full of amazing caricatures of world renowned performers like Donny and Marie Osmond!

You don’t see a lot of Martian Manhunter cosplay, but this guy nailed it!

You also don’t see a lot of Swamp Thing, mainly because it’s so hard to do. He didn’t have his cool car with him. He did have a beer, tho

Q from the first ep of Star Trek the Next Generation. Sweet!

Another comic I bought. I just love the Sub/Dom feel of the cover. Hope this happens in the next movie.

Last pic: This guy should win the NYCC best cosplay award for ALL TIME! He’s cosplaying as the Javitz Center, the place the convention takes place! Hahaha!

And Ugly Planet, a Bug Planet. Starship Troopers Photo Shoot!

Hey, I went camping and took my Starship Troopers arachnid bug and took photos of it. Here they are!

The little bugger was very photogenic. And because of its markings, it blended into some backgrounds really well.

Trying to snack on that horse!

Hrm…this guy looks familiar…

The combo of sand and rock really makes it look like it’s straight out of the movie.

Looked okay by some plants, provided they were small enough.

It also looked neat with the water in the background, although that doesn’t happen in the movie. Although they do mention Zegema Beach, so this is possible.

Looks cool on a log too, but most bugs do,

Blagh! By some muck!

These could be the guts of some alien creature!

The different color rocks really made its racing stripes come out.

The mix of sand and hard rock looks great. Cool mix of textures.

This is the money shot, though. Best pic I took!

For not really having a face, the arachnid was quite photogenic.

Fun day at the beach! Although I wish I would have brought little Gi-Joes to put in its mouth.

Beerski! The only good bug is a drunk bug!

That’s it! I’ll definitely take this killing machine out at some point in the future.

My San Deigo Comic-Con Adventures! Part 2!

The continuing adventures of The Pink Stink (me) and my con buddy, Captain Marvel!

Always happy to see a Kato costume. I think of the coolest and most underrated superhero costumes of all time.

Show me on the doll, where he touched the doll. This finger belongs to the super nice lady who made the Comic-Con bingo from the last entry!

One of my fav things at Comic-Con is how the local stores get in on the action. And one of the best stores for this is Ralph’s in the Gaslamp. It’s actually a great grocery story all around. If you ever go to Comic-Con, great spot to get cheap foods!

I like this display because it looked like Yoda was gonna kick my ass if I bought these pretzels.

More fun than a barrel of Deadpools! Or one very buff and stiff Deadpool!

Gotta guard these veggies from Rebel Scum! Actually, at Comic-Con, you don’t need to guard the veggies, nobody’s eatin’ that shit.

This guy’s nuts! Now if this don’t make you want to buy pistachios nothing will! I will give Ralph’s cred for having a sense of humor about it. The person who made this obviously know how ridic it looked.

Want some flowers? You’ll have to get by these guys, first!

Drunk Man!

They put Wonder Woman by the wine, which is probably sexist.

I got drunk and made bad food choices…

The next day, I saw one of the best Lex Luthor’s I’ve ever seen!

And a great Static Shock! Right down to the shoes!

One of the best Costco employees wearing a Garfield mask I’ve ever seen! I looooovvveee this mask! It was my FB profile for awhile.

Super baby’s not having it! I told her she should dress him up as Lex Luthor next year. I hope she does!

This guy is amazing! He’s a real lawyer and his card said, “Lawyer For Hire.” Ha! (If you don’t know, the old Luke Cage and Iron Fist comic was called “Heroes For Hire.”) Sweet yellow shoes, too!

Perfect sized Kingpin. Now we know how he makes his money…selling comics!

Zardoz!!!!!! The guy’s hair and stache really took this Zardoz cosplay to the next level. LOVE IT!

I don’t know what this poor girl’s afflictions were, but she wasn’t letting it hold her down! Pretty good puppetry, too.

Stylish Joker! When you’ve seen as many Jokers as I have, the ones with a little creativity are greatly appreciated.

Captain America frozen in the ice! Now that’s some creativity and dedication! Super hard to walk in that thing.

I seriously need this hat for job interviews.

Whoop! Guess who’s getting drunk again! Big ballin’!

Whoop! Got a little too drunk!

Get wasted and jump in the fountain! That’s my motto, too!


I’m pretty much over Star Wars, but I do have soft spot for Lando cosplayers. I’ll always love Lando. The O.G. space pimp!

Literally, one of THE best Vulcan cosplayers I’ve ever seen. The eyebrows seal the deal!

I’ve done a little cardboard cosplay in my day, so I’m gotta give these guys cred on these shells. Not bad!

I was drunk and it took me about 6 seconds to understand what this was. The dog seemed pretty happy. Almost like it saw everyone dressed up and thought, “I’m one of them! I’m a human!”

For better or worse (probably worse), I happen to look a lot like Guy Fieri. So I just about died when I saw this cosplay! Genius!

This is not where jalapeno cheese hot dogs go, btw

I gotta say, each year it gets harder to put a garbage bag full of terrible food and beer in my stomach. But I still do it!

To be honest, a lot of nerd humor is fucking terrible. But I’ll give this guy a pass. Good look on his face, too!

The Colt 45 is a nice touch!

I like it when cosplayers get wacky with their outfits. Why not! He looks so happy, too!

You don’t have to wear a costume to get in on the action, just be clever!

A classy Joker! Nicely done!

Not a lot of Dr. Fate cosplayers, nice choice! Although his head will always look like a condom to me.

My favorite Lando at the show!

I hate Nova. Yet, I took a picture of this cosplayer. Why? Cuz it’s the best Nova I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a lot. That helmet is dumb!

This guy was complaining that people thought he was a Klansman instead of Moon Knight. Can’t they see the moon on his head? DUH!

One of my favorite real life con buddies, Mike Bennet from BennettBlackLight.net! He was a storyboarder for the Smurfs back in the day and has an incredible imagination. He sells suitcases, yes suitcases (old 70’s ones) full of his incredible art. It’s like you took Jack Kirby, 50s Sci-Fi, monster movies, the Old West, super heroes and Russ Meyers movies and put them in a blender. That’s his art style! He’s a crack up to talk to, too! Chat him up at the con if you see him!

Glad to see some of the youth of America is keeping the dream of the great Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High alive!

This guy is not letting his disability or injury keep his spirits down. Nice work! And super funny!

A promotional still from the new TV show

One of the weird things this year is you had to tag your badges to get in and there was a super gross zombie face right where you bent down, so it looked like you were kissing it every time. Well, I did actually kiss it a few times.

Almost done! Can’t omit the best Simpsons cosplay ever done.

And that is my SDCC 2017! Great year, overall! Met rad people, bought great comics, drank and partied and had a gay old time!

See you next year! (Unless I eat too many jalapeno cheese hot dog things and die)



My San Deigo Comic-Con Adventures! Part 1!


Hey, I went to Comic-Con, drank a bunch of beer and ran around like a nutter taking pictures of stupid shit. Like I do every year! Weerp!

This is me a rare Passion of the Christ cosplayer. Sweet Jesus, cosplay! I laughed my head off when he told me who he was. My character this year was the “Pink Stink!” Look out, bad guys!

I’m not a big fan of Steam Punk, but I accept it as part of the nerd culture and I can appreciate some of the more extravagant costumes like this one. This is some amazing craftsmanship. He looks like a steam punk Cobra Commander!

As per my usual Comic-Con M.O., I buy a wacky action figure, my “con buddy” and take lots of nutty photos with it. This year, I got a good’n–Captain Marvel! The second Captain Marvel, actually, the first had a wacky green head dress with a fin. Or something. Also, he is in no way associated with DC’s Captain Marvel. This is Marvel’s Captain Marvel but the second one before he was turned into a girl. Got all that?

He looked really cute just about anywhere you put him!

I love old school nerds. Technically, I’m an old school nerd at this point, but I mean the generations that came before me. I respect them and love talking to them. They tend to actually know their shit and can talk about more than Star Wars or wutever Marvel movie is popular that week. There is just something earnest about them I don’t find it today’s “everybody’s a nerd” world.

This is a worm! Pillow! Paramecian? Anyway, it’s from Dark Souls and I told the guy selling it to “Make a sexy face.” Which he laughed and did! Not bad!

Heyo! This actually kinda looks like a Jack Kirby pose! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Captain America do this a few times!

I thought this was pretty funny at the time. Drink seven beers then look at it and tell me if it’s funny. Plz.

This guy was so fun to photograph! He was the perfect size for the camera and just poseable enough to get some wacky pics.

I found the neon sign at this Thai spa to be rather beautiful. Plus, sugaring! That sounds fun!

You know what else is fun? Action figure banana pics!

Look out, super ladies! (I ate that banana, btw, just so you know)

Sadly, these days fans don’t have a fucking clue who Captain Marvel is anymore! He’s one of Marvel’s best “cosmic heroes” meaning, the people who wrote him were probably wicked high. His power is Cosmic Awareness, how 70’s hippy-dippy is that! My friend turned me on to The Life of Captain Marvel and the Death of Captain Marvel and they blew me away. He died of cancer!!! Like died, died! I told this story to about 500 people at the con!

He does look like Warlock, tho. They get their hair done at the same place!



























The great Captain Splauding from House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects. I’m always happy to see this cosplayed, I love those movies. And I love Sid Hag! The actor who plays him is an amazing character actor who often plays bad guys or killers cuz he looks mean. I met him at Comic-Con once! I asked if I could hug him and he let me!

Dear Marvel Universe, Iron Man is not as cool as you think. He’s okay, but there are way better heroes–like Captain Marvel, for example!

Did you know there’s a secret area at Comic-Con where you can overlook the floor and take cool photos? It’s on the Mezzanine level, where all the super, super nerdy shit is, like the Klingon Lifestyle Society, Legion of Super Heros fan club, and more. That’s also where you’ll find the SCA (Society For Creative Anacnarism) an old school semi-larping society where they dress in real armor and have huge battles. Like, they really fight. It’s not quite larping because there aren’t magic powers and bullshit, but they do get to make up their own character and history so I could classify it as “semi-larping.” I went to one of their events in 1992! It was fun!

Lockjaw! I have always loved Lockjaw! How many giant adorable sentient interdimensional teleporter dogs are there? Jack Kirby design, of course! Apparently, they’ve made an Inhumans show. Sad to say, it looked super boring by the pictures I saw.

Another masterful Kirby design–Dr. Doom! Also one of Marvel’s all time coolest villains. Shame about those FF movies!

Pespsi Man! Another one of Jack Kirby’s masterful creations. Haha, just kidding! This a Japanese superhero devised to sell Pepsi! Sure makes me wanna buy one! (not sure if those are regulation Pepsi Man shoes, tho)

A rare Guinan cosplay! But with blackface, folks, don’t do blackface. You don’t need to. Everybody can tell you’re Guinan by the outfit. I did not tell her this, but I think someone may have. She seemed a little shy to take the pic. Live and learn!

The Wonder Women were out if force this year! I’m a fan of the TV show and character, but these girls defintely nailed the movie look. Strong women!

This Megatron ruled!!! He was at least 8 feet tall! And he had the voice changer and everything. Sadly, I overheard a couple of dude bro attendees ask “Who’s that?” There should be a basic test to get into Comic-Con. If you don’t know who Megatron is, you should be banned. But only for a year, so you can study and learn a little bit about nerd culture before attending a massive celebration of nerd culture. Not saying you have to have read all nine Larry Niven Ringworld books, but you should at least know the basics.

Rooby-rooby-rooooooooo! Ha! I’m a sucker for Scooby-Doo cosplay and this one is amazing. Shaggy even had a real goatee!

Are these Hobbit feet sexy? Yes or no, no “maybe.”

Some pro-level cosplay right here! The body, the effects, everything looked amazing. Nice jarb!

Obligatory con buddy with a beer pic!

I’m also a sucker for realistic looking Star Trek cosplay and this guy could easily pass for a real life vulcan.

I’ll end this entry on something I thought was hilarious! I met a very funny couple at the bar, which the best part of Comic-Con is often meeting random people at the bar and talking up your adventures that day, I’ve met some amazing people that way. Anyway, this lady made her own Comic-Con bingo! And if you been to SDCC or any other con, you’ll get a laugh out of her categories, they’re genius! Enjoy!


E3 2017 and Anime Expo 2017

Hey, I went to E3 and Anime Expo like I do every year and took photos of stupid stuff. Like I do!

The only way this picture could be better is if it was across from a kindergarten.

I took two con buddies to E3 this year! Diddy Kong and banana with sunglasses!

Me doing some live commentary from the show.

I met these twins like five different times during the show. We’re friends!

If you wear this shirt, you definitely gotta make this face. The “Yeah, I was at E3 2017” face. My friend is really good at it!

More E3 collector’s items from the show. Although, can hand sanitizer really be a collector’s item? It’s kinda sweaty.

Unfortunately, Ultron did not accept my tribute of a giant banana (with sunglasses).

The dragon ate it, though…

Later that night at the liquor store by our hotel room, we found some hilarious condom jokes! I bought the small ones (for a friend).

This banana was exceptionally photogenic. He looked cute everywhere!

Everything is just funnier with giant banana going in its mouth.

I normally don’t make this gooney of a smile. There have to be very specific circumstances to make this happen.

Doing a little business on the show floor with my business partner. (The guy who owns that “Yeah, I was at E3” shirt)

I met Koji Igarashi, the creator of Castlevania! He’s an eccentric dude who always wears a leather cowboy hat and carries a whip! I can appreciate a man who likes dressing up in cool outfits.

Banana in a cup!

Monkey in a cup!

The classic E3 meal–the street cooked bacon wrapped hotdogs.

The whole family in one pic!

You know what’s cute? A stuffed monkey climbing a palm tree!

And hiding in bushes!

Back to the hotel room! I actually left this out there for hours by accident and nobody stold it!

The joke writes itself.

Later I went shopping and debuted My New L.A. Look! People can’t stop talking about it!

This is definitely the frozen yogurt Wonder Woman would eat. There’s no doubt about it!

Travel tip: get drunk, draw funny eyes on the hotel room cup covers and YOU GOT YOURSELF A PARTY.

L.A. is so glamorous. You can’t find hot new looks like these in other places.

Establishing photo. I should have put this at the top.

That pirate did not think my banana was funny. At all.

If you’ve never been to E3, there are a lot of big TVs showing really boring, similar looking white guys with grey hair saying highly scripted things to no one in particular. Do these guys look like they make fun games?

And that was it for E3.

Hey, I also went to Anime Expo! This is an anime fan I can respect. He is totally upfront about what he likes. I respect that! Be proud!

Speaking of proud! I met the real Batman!

I don’t know what anime this was for. Bunwarmers? I will say, it was a great eye grabber!

The same booth was selling weed pants. Anime fans love weed pants!

I took this guy’s pic last year! He was dressed as a Star Trek guy, but carrying the same doll. That’s how I recognized him. He really loves that doll!

Not an anime, but a great Dick Tracy cosplay!

Best cosplay at the con! I love how dirty and run down the towel looks. I’m assuming the duffel bag is full of weed.

Second best cosplayer! I know Michael loved anime, but I think he died before he could be in one 🙁

And that’s my big E3/Anime Expo post!



Meow Wolf in Nude Mexico!

Every year I go to Nude Mexico because Albuquerque is my favorite city on earth. But this year my friends took me to what I would describe as an Art Amusement Park in Santa Fe called Meow Wolf. And apparently, that super-beardy, slow-writing Games of Boners writer funded it or something.

Anyway, it was a really fun place.


There were several wacky metal statues in the parking lot. These are my friends’ kids. They’re not really scared. They’re just “goofin.”

Being the perpetual cynic I am, I thought the art in Meow Wolf would be low art. Meaning, the kind of stuff you see on the bottom of skateboards or in Juxtapose magazine and the like. But…

…there was all kinds of art in there. Art that runs the gamut of low accessible art, stuff hipsters in coffee shops would have tattoos of, to…

…far more complicated art. Like, genuine abstract weirdy stuff. Some of it even unsettling. (not this picture, obviously)

I think this is the main thing that makes Meow Wolf successful, is it has many levels of art all mixed together.

If it was too much high art, it would turn off “regular” folk.

If it was too much low art, it would come across as trying too hard to be “edgy” like Juxtapose magazine does.

But the mix of every kind of art all at once makes for a wonderful and intoxicating experience.

Also, it’s done really well. It’s not cheap or chintzy-looking in any way. Nor does it feel gimmicky.

All the “exhibits” for lack of a better word, are well-constructed with a lot of care and detail to attention.

Another way Meow Wolf impresses is the people who built it used the space in a clever way. It’s in a warehouse, so there’s not that much space, but because everything twists around and is multileveled, it feels huge. And you get to see things you’ve seen before but from a totally different perspective.  This is a top view of the first two pictures posted on in this entry.

Most of the art just seems to be art for art’s sake, but some of it had subtle messaging. Like this “average teenage girl’s room.”

There were posters of teen stars, but none of them had faces–thus symbolizing the vapid nature of the business and interchangeability of pop stars. Not exactly deep stuff, BUT if you’re a teen girl, this message might be quite thought provoking.

It’s also bright! And colorful! And pretty! Can’t get a sense scale in this picture, but this is pretty big. There’s an entire stage in front where bands perform.

And it’s interactive! There are lots of things to touch, play with and plenty of light and sound based art.

And one thing I appreciated, it doesn’t take itself too serious. This is my problem most modern art and why I despise it. It’s pretentious as fuck. And boring. The people who built this did not lose their sense of humor. Or fun.

There’s so much art packed into this place it’s dizzying. You could spend hours and not see it all.

Meow Wolf would be a neat place to smoke a marijauna.

There were also plenty of dioramas! And I fucking love dioramas!

I’m pretty much wrapping up, here, not much more to say.

Oh, one more thing about it I thought was special is that it works so so many levels, kids, adults and super adults (old people) get a kick out of it. Yes, it’s “FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.” But it really is. There’s just so much wacky weird fun shit everyone can run around (or walk slowly if you’re a super adult) and have fun. And there are places only kids can fit, so they can run off and escape their parents!

What else can I say? I’m often referred to as the “guy who hates everything” because I tend to hate everything dumb or mediocre and the world is filled with dumb and mediocre. But not Meow Wolf! They did it right. Perfect mix of various levels of art, genius use of space, tons of hidden doodads, even some kind of mystery if you want to try and figure it out.

High five, doods!

Also, when you leave you can get a very convincing reminder on why you should not drink and drive. Don’t drink and drive folks!