My San Deigo Comic-Con Adventures! Part 1!


Hey, I went to Comic-Con, drank a bunch of beer and ran around like a nutter taking pictures of stupid shit. Like I do every year! Weerp!

This is me a rare Passion of the Christ cosplayer. Sweet Jesus, cosplay! I laughed my head off when he told me who he was. My character this year was the “Pink Stink!” Look out, bad guys!

I’m not a big fan of Steam Punk, but I accept it as part of the nerd culture and I can appreciate some of the more extravagant costumes like this one. This is some amazing craftsmanship. He looks like a steam punk Cobra Commander!

As per my usual Comic-Con M.O., I buy a wacky action figure, my “con buddy” and take lots of nutty photos with it. This year, I got a good’n–Captain Marvel! The second Captain Marvel, actually, the first had a wacky green head dress with a fin. Or something. Also, he is in no way associated with DC’s Captain Marvel. This is Marvel’s Captain Marvel but the second one before he was turned into a girl. Got all that?

He looked really cute just about anywhere you put him!

I love old school nerds. Technically, I’m an old school nerd at this point, but I mean the generations that came before me. I respect them and love talking to them. They tend to actually know their shit and can talk about more than Star Wars or wutever¬†Marvel movie is popular that week. There is just something earnest¬†about them I don’t find it today’s “everybody’s a nerd” world.

This is a worm! Pillow! Paramecian? Anyway, it’s from Dark Souls and I told the guy selling it to “Make a sexy face.” Which he laughed and did! Not bad!

Heyo! This actually kinda looks like a Jack Kirby pose! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Captain America do this a few times!

I thought this was pretty funny at the time. Drink seven beers then look at it and tell me if it’s funny. Plz.

This guy was so fun to photograph! He was the perfect size for the camera and just poseable enough to get some wacky pics.

I found the neon sign at this Thai spa to be rather beautiful. Plus, sugaring! That sounds fun!

You know what else is fun? Action figure banana pics!

Look out, super ladies! (I ate that banana, btw, just so you know)

Sadly, these days fans don’t have a fucking clue who Captain Marvel is anymore! He’s one of Marvel’s best “cosmic heroes” meaning, the people who wrote him were probably wicked high. His power is Cosmic Awareness, how 70’s hippy-dippy is that! My friend turned me on to The Life of Captain Marvel and the Death of Captain Marvel and they blew me away. He died of cancer!!! Like died, died! I told this story to about 500 people at the con!

He does look like Warlock, tho. They get their hair done at the same place!



























The great Captain Splauding from House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects. I’m always happy to see this cosplayed, I love those movies. And I love Sid Hag! The actor who plays him is an amazing character actor who often plays bad guys or killers cuz he looks mean. I met him at Comic-Con once! I asked if I could hug him and he let me!

Dear Marvel Universe, Iron Man is not as cool as you think. He’s okay, but there are way better heroes–like Captain Marvel, for example!

Did you know there’s a secret area at Comic-Con where you can overlook the floor and take cool photos? It’s on the Mezzanine level, where all the super, super nerdy shit is, like the Klingon Lifestyle Society, Legion of Super Heros fan club, and more. That’s also where you’ll find the SCA (Society For Creative Anacnarism) an old school semi-larping society where they dress in real armor and have huge battles. Like, they really fight. It’s not quite larping because there aren’t magic powers and bullshit, but they do get to make up their own character and history so I could classify it as “semi-larping.” I went to one of their events in 1992! It was fun!

Lockjaw! I have always loved Lockjaw! How many giant adorable sentient interdimensional teleporter dogs are there? Jack Kirby design, of course! Apparently, they’ve made an Inhumans show. Sad to say, it looked super boring by the pictures I saw.

Another masterful Kirby design–Dr. Doom! Also one of Marvel’s all time coolest villains. Shame about those FF movies!

Pespsi Man! Another one of Jack Kirby’s masterful creations. Haha, just kidding! This a Japanese superhero devised to sell Pepsi! Sure makes me wanna buy one! (not sure if those are regulation Pepsi Man shoes, tho)

A rare Guinan cosplay! But with blackface, folks, don’t do blackface. You don’t need to. Everybody can tell you’re Guinan by the outfit. I did not tell her this, but I think someone may have. She seemed a little shy to take the pic. Live and learn!

The Wonder Women were out if force this year! I’m a fan of the TV show and character, but these girls defintely nailed the movie look. Strong women!

This Megatron ruled!!! He was at least 8 feet tall! And he had the voice changer and everything. Sadly, I overheard a couple of dude bro attendees ask “Who’s that?” There should be a basic test to get into Comic-Con. If you don’t know who Megatron is, you should be banned. But only for a year, so you can study and learn a little bit about nerd culture before attending a massive celebration of nerd culture. Not saying you have to have read all nine Larry Niven Ringworld books, but you should at least know the basics.

Rooby-rooby-rooooooooo! Ha! I’m a sucker for Scooby-Doo cosplay and this one is amazing. Shaggy even had a real goatee!

Are these Hobbit feet sexy? Yes or no, no “maybe.”

Some pro-level cosplay right here! The body, the effects, everything looked amazing. Nice jarb!

Obligatory con buddy with a beer pic!

I’m also a sucker for realistic looking Star Trek cosplay and this guy could easily pass for a real life vulcan.

I’ll end this entry on something I thought was hilarious! I met a very funny couple at the bar, which the best part of Comic-Con is often meeting random people at the bar and talking up your adventures that day, I’ve met some amazing people that way. Anyway, this lady made her own Comic-Con bingo! And if you been to SDCC or any other con, you’ll get a laugh out of her categories, they’re genius! Enjoy!