My San Deigo Comic-Con Adventures! Part 2!

The continuing adventures of The Pink Stink (me) and my con buddy, Captain Marvel!

Always happy to see a Kato costume. I think of the coolest and most underrated superhero costumes of all time.

Show me on the doll, where he touched the doll. This finger belongs to the super nice lady who made the Comic-Con bingo from the last entry!

One of my fav things at Comic-Con is how the local stores get in on the action. And one of the best stores for this is Ralph’s in the Gaslamp. It’s actually a great grocery story all around. If you ever go to Comic-Con, great spot to get cheap foods!

I like this display because it looked like Yoda was gonna kick my ass if I bought these pretzels.

More fun than a barrel of Deadpools! Or one very buff and stiff Deadpool!

Gotta guard these veggies from Rebel Scum! Actually, at Comic-Con, you don’t need to guard the veggies, nobody’s eatin’ that shit.

This guy’s nuts! Now if this don’t make you want to buy pistachios nothing will! I will give Ralph’s cred for having a sense of humor about it. The person who made this obviously know how ridic it looked.

Want some flowers? You’ll have to get by these guys, first!

Drunk Man!

They put Wonder Woman by the wine, which is probably sexist.

I got drunk and made bad food choices…

The next day, I saw one of the best Lex Luthor’s I’ve ever seen!

And a great Static Shock! Right down to the shoes!

One of the best Costco employees wearing a Garfield mask I’ve ever seen! I looooovvveee this mask! It was my FB profile for awhile.

Super baby’s not having it! I told her she should dress him up as Lex Luthor next year. I hope she does!

This guy is amazing! He’s a real lawyer and his card said, “Lawyer For Hire.” Ha! (If you don’t know, the old Luke Cage and Iron Fist comic was called “Heroes For Hire.”) Sweet yellow shoes, too!

Perfect sized Kingpin. Now we know how he makes his money…selling comics!

Zardoz!!!!!! The guy’s hair and stache really took this Zardoz cosplay to the next level. LOVE IT!

I don’t know what this poor girl’s afflictions were, but she wasn’t letting it hold her down! Pretty good puppetry, too.

Stylish Joker! When you’ve seen as many Jokers as I have, the ones with a little creativity are greatly appreciated.

Captain America frozen in the ice! Now that’s some creativity and dedication! Super hard to walk in that thing.

I seriously need this hat for job interviews.

Whoop! Guess who’s getting drunk again! Big ballin’!

Whoop! Got a little too drunk!

Get wasted and jump in the fountain! That’s my motto, too!


I’m pretty much over Star Wars, but I do have soft spot for Lando cosplayers. I’ll always love Lando. The O.G. space pimp!

Literally, one of THE best Vulcan cosplayers I’ve ever seen. The eyebrows seal the deal!

I’ve done a little cardboard cosplay in my day, so I’m gotta give these guys cred on these shells. Not bad!

I was drunk and it took me about 6 seconds to understand what this was. The dog seemed pretty happy. Almost like it saw everyone dressed up and thought, “I’m one of them! I’m a human!”

For better or worse (probably worse), I happen to look a lot like Guy Fieri. So I just about died when I saw this cosplay! Genius!

This is not where jalapeno cheese hot dogs go, btw

I gotta say, each year it gets harder to put a garbage bag full of terrible food and beer in my stomach. But I still do it!

To be honest, a lot of nerd humor is fucking terrible. But I’ll give this guy a pass. Good look on his face, too!

The Colt 45 is a nice touch!

I like it when cosplayers get wacky with their outfits. Why not! He looks so happy, too!

You don’t have to wear a costume to get in on the action, just be clever!

A classy Joker! Nicely done!

Not a lot of Dr. Fate cosplayers, nice choice! Although his head will always look like a condom to me.

My favorite Lando at the show!

I hate Nova. Yet, I took a picture of this cosplayer. Why? Cuz it’s the best Nova I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a lot. That helmet is dumb!

This guy was complaining that people thought he was a Klansman instead of Moon Knight. Can’t they see the moon on his head? DUH!

One of my favorite real life con buddies, Mike Bennet from! He was a storyboarder for the Smurfs back in the day and has an incredible imagination. He sells suitcases, yes suitcases (old 70’s ones) full of his incredible art. It’s like you took Jack Kirby, 50s Sci-Fi, monster movies, the Old West, super heroes and Russ Meyers movies and put them in a blender. That’s his art style! He’s a crack up to talk to, too! Chat him up at the con if you see him!

Glad to see some of the youth of America is keeping the dream of the great Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High alive!

This guy is not letting his disability or injury keep his spirits down. Nice work! And super funny!

A promotional still from the new TV show

One of the weird things this year is you had to tag your badges to get in and there was a super gross zombie face right where you bent down, so it looked like you were kissing it every time. Well, I did actually kiss it a few times.

Almost done! Can’t omit the best Simpsons cosplay ever done.

And that is my SDCC 2017! Great year, overall! Met rad people, bought great comics, drank and partied and had a gay old time!

See you next year! (Unless I eat too many jalapeno cheese hot dog things and die)