And Ugly Planet, a Bug Planet. Starship Troopers Photo Shoot!

Hey, I went camping and took my Starship Troopers arachnid bug and took photos of it. Here they are!

The little bugger was very photogenic. And because of its markings, it blended into some backgrounds really well.

Trying to snack on that horse!

Hrm…this guy looks familiar…

The combo of sand and rock really makes it look like it’s straight out of the movie.

Looked okay by some plants, provided they were small enough.

It also looked neat with the water in the background, although that doesn’t happen in the movie. Although they do mention Zegema Beach, so this is possible.

Looks cool on a log too, but most bugs do,

Blagh! By some muck!

These could be the guts of some alien creature!

The different color rocks really made its racing stripes come out.

The mix of sand and hard rock looks great. Cool mix of textures.

This is the money shot, though. Best pic I took!

For not really having a face, the arachnid was quite photogenic.

Fun day at the beach! Although I wish I would have brought little Gi-Joes to put in its mouth.

Beerski! The only good bug is a drunk bug!

That’s it! I’ll definitely take this killing machine out at some point in the future.