New York Comic Con 2017

I went to New York Comic Con, got super drunk and took a bunch of pictures. Shocker! Here they are!

There’s just something magical about a little baby zombie with blood on his face sucking on a knife. Adorable!

She was really fun. I called her, “Spider Ma’am”

This guy’s got the spirit! He was totally blind and in a wheelchair, but having a blast!

Cone heads! And Picard, who is kind of a cone head.

Simple, but very clever idea!

My costume this year was the “Green Horny.” One thing NYCC has over SDCC is they serve beer in the con! It’s amazing! Usually, I’m the drunkest guy on the floor, but not this year!

There’s something magical about little kid slasher movie cosplay. It warms my heart!

I don’t know what a Congo Reading entails, but it looks painful!

This was a really cool old beer promo for a beer that no long exists. I kinda looked like a dirty old fish tank.

This was at the Continental Bar in New York. You can get five shots for $10! But the guy who owns it doesn’t fuck around as this sign demonstrates.

Drinking at comic book conventions is a lot like this.

I don’t know who the fudge this guy is, but he looks hilarious! He almost became my con buddy, but another one stole my heart.

The cut off hands were a nice touch!

Vampirella cosplay! You don’t see this often, for obvious reasons.

Rammmmmboooooooooo!!!!!! The world needs more Rambo cosplayers than ever these days. Glad someone answered the call.

Swamp Thing car! Where the fuck does he have to drive to?

Someday, I’m gonna find one of these Dune Spice Scout cars and buy it. Then I’ll be a very happy little boy. Imagine picking your date up in one of these!

Perfect Trick or Treat cosplay. Pro level.

Garfield made a comeback! I’m so happy to see all the crazy Garfield stuff out there.

Super beardy smurfette!

This was the con buddy I did end up getting! I couldn’t resist his weird little arms. The guys make fun of his arms, but the girls don’t.

Beautiful Skeletor and Evelyn!

I’m a Lobo fan for some reason and this is a really good one. Con buddy looks really happy!

If you haven’t gotten drunk and partied with Rainbow Bright, you haven’t lived!

I’ve dreamed of going as Ogre to a comic book convention and running around screaming “NERDS!!!” but this guy actually did it.

Remember when Kirk ran around speaking into an acorn?

Superman from the 50s TV show! Genius!

Literally the best Conan I have ever seen in my life. Guyliner and all!

Traditionally, I make my con buddy pose with beer and it’s a big funny. But his sad little snake arms wouldn’t hold on to the glass!

He had no problem with the giant sausage, tho.

Haha, he was pretty drunk at this point.

Then he fucked a pumpkin with his weird little arm! I’ve done that!

Then we stumbled into the legendary Sardies! It’s full of amazing caricatures of world renowned performers like Donny and Marie Osmond!

You don’t see a lot of Martian Manhunter cosplay, but this guy nailed it!

You also don’t see a lot of Swamp Thing, mainly because it’s so hard to do. He didn’t have his cool car with him. He did have a beer, tho

Q from the first ep of Star Trek the Next Generation. Sweet!

Another comic I bought. I just love the Sub/Dom feel of the cover. Hope this happens in the next movie.

Last pic: This guy should win the NYCC best cosplay award for ALL TIME! He’s cosplaying as the Javitz Center, the place the convention takes place! Hahaha!