Harpy Halloween!

As a gruesome guy with an insatiable thirst for horror movies, it’s no surprise Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the only time of year regular folk get interested in the stuff I love all all the time. I took a trip to Detroit and saw a buncha cool Halloween shit, so here it is!

This is at my friend’s house. It’s not for Halloween, these skulls are in the tree’s roots all year round. How cool is that!

She also has these scary crying black tears satanic looking rabbits in the back yard.

This was on the fridge to welcome me when I visited. It was so sweet, I almost cried.

This was a liquor store by my friend’s house. I call it the “Halloweenmobile.”

This was an incredible Halloween display on some lady’s lawn. It’s one of the most impressive works of Halloween art I’ve ever seen.

The twins were my favorite. Sexy

There was so much detail and crazy shit everywhere, it’s hard to capture all of it.

She must have spent a lot of time in thrift stores!

It really came to life a night, though.

I think this demonic baby may have been born out of wedlock.

Just the money on bridal dresses would be a ton. These are cool dresses, too!

A whole yard of gruesome undead brides.

The lady was really nice, too. We talked to her for awhile about her love of Halloween.

These were the pumpkins we cared. Mine’s the sad one on the right.

I like the way this picture came out all jacked up looking. Reminds me of the stuff you’d occasionally get with real film.

This was from a town called “Northville,” I think. It’s a real regular looking American town until Halloween, when they have the “Skeletons Are Alive” display where businesses put up wacky skeletons all over town. It’s amazing!

Robbing a bank!

I’d definitely watch more hockey if skeletons were playing it.

Playing Twister!

I love the way his bony hand is wrapped around the guitar!

This wasn’t a skeleton, but I was moved by how much it looked like this mannequin was creaming in her jeans.

Speaking of creaming her jeans, look at the angle of this pervy skeleton photographer. Think he was getting a “boner” from this?

There’s something extra creepy about a Wonder Woman skeleton.

Batman skeleton seems normal.

I think she’s supposed to be excited by being proposed to, but it looks like she’s horrified. Cool move proposing with sunglasses on, I’d probably do that.

Not sure what the theme her is, but the display is rad.

Especially the gross stuff on the table.

This selfie one was genius. People have literally died taking selfies. Not smart people, but people just the same.

Somebody bought an entire horse skeleton! Didn’t even know they had those.

Real life cheerleaders don’t do a damn thing for me, but skeleton cheerleaders, that’s hot.

This rioting sledgehammer skeleton was about to break some shit up!

Getting her hairs done by a giant bony spider! For the record, spiders do not have bones, they have an exoskeleton. Could be a demonic spider though, they may have bones.

Skeleton dog walker! Does he give the dogs a bone? Do bony dogs like bones? So many questions!

This was in a random window. I LOVE the look on his face, it’s hilarious to me for some reason.

This skull jumped out at me too. Not literally, although that would have been really cool. His giant eyes are what getcha.

Exercise and losing weight is good, but too much and you’ll end up like this!

I like it when the skeletons are things people actually die from doing.

The creepiest ones are the ones of people doing normal stuff.

These aren’t skeletons, there just a bunch of evil cats, but they look cool.

This guy’s caught a bone fish!

Karate guy!

Mama Mia!

This one is cool, because Audrey Hepburn probably is a skeleton by now.

This was at a church, still not sure of the concept. She’s a jumper? They’re trying to talk her down? What’s the dog for?

That’s all the cool ones from Northville’s Skeletons Are Alive. If you’re ever in Northville near Halloween, go check it out, it’s hilarious!

This is a crappy drawing I did of Vincent Price.

Here’s my buddy, Pretty Sammy. We like to get drunk and goof in the Walgreen’s Halloween section.

This was a spooky cage I found on the street. I wonder what was in there?!

I love Pumpkinhead. I even have a shirt! And I decided to draw it on a pumpkin while wearing pumpkin glasses. Try and out-Halloween this picture, suckas!

This is from a weed clinic by where I work. Dress up in a costume and get some free weed! How California is that?!

This is from a movie I’m developing with Spielberg. It’s called “Ghost Potato.” It’s about a ghost potato.

This is a pic with my roommate and the famous ghost potato from the hit movie, “Ghost Potato.”

Happy Halloween, y’all!