Happy Christmas!

I know it’s after Christmas, but technically, Christmas goes all the way to New Years. It all falls under the “Holiday Season” umbrella. So, it’s still Christmas for one more day!

Here’s all the Christmassy stuff I did worth blargging about.

I went to the Dickens’ Christmas Fair for the first time!

It was conveniently located next to the gun show. When I walked by, I flexed my muscles and said, “Did somebody say ‘gun show’?” The front lady didn’t laugh, cuz she’d heard that joke 100 times that day. I still think it’s funny and if I went to a comedy court, I think the judge would rule in my favor.

This was one of the first guys I saw inside. He had humorously created a “pimp” Dickens’ era costume. It was well made.

The Dickens’ Fair is like an big Larping convention for middle-aged people. It’s not just anime fans and fantasy nerds that enjoy dressing up in funny costumes and pretending they’re someone else, there are many different outlets for this urge, including the Dickens’ Fair. This lady was really in character as a poor junk lady. She had a story for every item in her cart. And she made a hilarious face when I asked if I could take her picture.

I didn’t have no Dickens’ stuff, so I went as “The Ghost of Christmas Future (from the year 3000). A guy asked me if I was the Knight Before Christmas, so I changed my name to that.

These were my band of merry revelers. We did not exactly fit in with the fair, I hate to say.  I think we were making frowny Scrooge faces here. I think.

I’ve been to a zillion anime and comic book conventions and I was absolutely struck by how similar the vibe of the Dickens’ fair is. Everybody’s in intricate costumes, lots of people are in character and the there’s a “haha, we know we’re being goofy” energy in the air. Although, Dickens’ Fair people are a bit nerdier than anime or comic book fans.

There was a ton of ye olde stuff to buy at the fair. Including this “Yule Ball” soappe. YULE BALL. (it’s a sex joke)

They had lots of period food to including Haggis! I finally got drunk enough to eat Haggis! It tasted like cat food.


There were a lot of drunk people there, but for some reason guys dressed like chimney sweeps were the real drunkos! This dirty and jolly fellow couldn’t quite hold still for a picture. Happy Christmas! (they didn’t say “Merry” Christmas in Dickens’ era, as we were told numerous times)

And that was the Dickens’ Fair!

Next, I went to my work’s Christmas Party as a “Party Wizard.”

It was a fun outfit in the daylight, but when the lights were low it really came to life!

And when you see it in motion, the Party Wizard is at his full power level!

The staff of light was a cheap toy I bought during a street fair.

I spent half the night eating the wig and I eventually lost it leading to this super drunk bathroom selfie.

That’s one of the last things I remember. Then I woke up on my bathroom floor with my tights on. Happy Christmas!

Every year, my work has a Christmas Cookie baking thing. I entered a few years ago with “Yellow Snowmen,” snowman cookies that looked like they had pee on them. The next year, I made “Brown Surprises” which were brownies that looked like human turds. This year, it was “Baked Santas.” They took forever, but turned out okay.

Then I went to Japan for Christmas! 

Japanese Santas, or as I call them “Jantas” are not quite on the level of their Western counterparts. It’s understandable, Christmas is relatively new to Japan.

I’m not sure if the eyebrows on this costume help, or hurt.

This is a broken mannequin in Shinjuku. It’s the perfect representation of Shinjuku, a red light district full of strippers and prosties–it’s a phony, broken woman. I made an art!

A famous landmark in Akihabara is the Colonel Sanders statue outside the KFC. These statues are often outside KFCs because people don’t vandalize everything like in the States.

Merry Christmas!

Hairy Christmas!

Japan doesn’t quite get Christmas, but that doesn’t stop them from coming up with kooky costumes. In fact, nothing can stop them from coming up with kooky costumes!

I tried it on. It did not look as sexy on me.

I think this is power rangers villain reindeer.

Christmas tree version!

I got into the spirit and wore a Santa hat and funny glasses and ran around Tokyo making friends.

I bought a Minilla figure and ran around taking photos of it all over the city. That will be a future blarg update! He’s really cute!

One of the most magical Christmas moments of the trip was seeing Jingle All the Way on TV in a Don Quijote! I love this movie, it’s one of my Christmas favorites. It’s a completely bonkers movie. And Don Quijote is a bonkers Japanese store that’s like Walgreens on crack. I’ve blogged about it several times. Here, here, and here.

I also bought a Godzilla while I was in Tokyo! And I ran around taking pictures of that. I’ll post those at a future date, too! Godzilla and Minilla look super cute together! The Holidays are all about friends and family, after all!

It’s easy to make friends in Shinjuku when you’re drunk on Christmas night. Especially with sing holders, they’re really bored!

Happy Christmas, y’all! Hope your Holidays are bright and fun!




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